Turning 40: Opportunity For Success

Money, Power and Happiness in (Early) Midlife | Facilitator Barrett Clemmensen Powell
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Barrett Clemmensen Powell
Barrett Clemmensen Powell
Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Author

About the Instructor

Barrett, who also goes by the titles Entrepreneur, Speaker Author,  Teacher, Chocolate Passionista, and Gangtress of Love -  is an entrepreneurial life strategy expert with professional experience serving individuals, couples, children, and families through speaking, counseling, teaching, writing and direction. Her curiosity, passion for both life and people and spirituality is combined with her lifelong mission to “build bridges between people across cultures", It led her first into investigative journalism, then into spiritual care and ultimately into launching her own integrative lifespan practice.



Course Contents

24 Videos
1 Text
3 PDFs
9 Audios