Turning 40: Opportunity For Success

Power, Money and Wellbeing In Your Late 30s and Early 40s | taught by Barrett Clemmensen Powell Watch Intro Video

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TAKE YOUR LIFE TO THE NEXT LEVEL. This course,will empower you in your professional and personal life as you enter early midlife.

If focuses on people between ages 37-44 (currently GenerationX) ,This is the age when we stop to assess what we have where we are and were we are going.

  • It explores the four journeys we take in early midlife, as well as the changes and challenges we undergo. Most importantly, it address the three things we need at that time of life to be POWERFUL, RICH and HAPPY which is the true definition of success.

This course is for YOU if you want something more than power and money in your life -- if you are seeking a more balanced lifestyle. This course is for YOU if you want to attain and maintain wealth -- to attain financial freedom and abundance. This course is for YOU if you want take your life to the next level.

Barrett Clemmensen Powell
Barrett Clemmensen Powell
Entrepreneur, Author, Teacher, Chocolate Passionista, Gangtress of Love

Barrett is an entrepreneurial lifespan consultant and coach with professional experience serving individuals, couples, children, and families through counseling and direction. Her curiosity, passion for both life and people and spirituality is combined with her lifelong mission to “build bridges between people across cultures", It led her first into investigative journalism, then into spiritual care and ultimately into launching her own integrative lifespan practice.

She also manages to have fun. In her spare time, Barrett (who is multilingual) resides in the USA and Europe, enjoys traveling the world, reading, being a university guest lecturer, maintaining a spiritual business practice, cooking gourmet meals, hosting dinner parties skiing, running, surfing and whitewater rafting. Barrett's years of education and research, interests and training have created a unique and significant practice that educates, empowers, challenges, inspires and motivates her clients.



Course Curriculum

INTRODUCTION: Why Power, Money and Happiness Is Important in Your Late 30s and Early 40s
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Why This Ccourse
What Is Your Learning Style?
What You Will Learn
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GI Generation
GI. Generation Pt 1
Protected and Principled: The G.I. Generation
GI Generation Pt. 2
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SIlent Generation
The Silent Generation
Behind the Quiet of the Silent Generation
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Baby Boom Generation
Me. Myself and I
Baby Boom Generation
Celebrating Me. Myself and I: Baby Boomers
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Generation X
Generation X (a 1994 news report)
Wounded Healers and Global Entrepreneurs: Generation X
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Millennial Generation
MIllennials - Who They Are and Why We Hate Them (Tedx Talk)
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The Four Journeys
The Four Journeys
The Four Journeys Explained
Preparing For The Trip
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Defining Success
Power and Money FREE
Choosing and Using Your Power
9 Steps To Become Rich
Choosing and Using Your Wealth
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*Success Bonus Studies*
POWER/WEALTH STUDY - When Power and Money Isn't Having It All
POWER/WEALTH STUDY - Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller
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The Missing Key
Be A Triple Threat
Emotional Wellbeing
Physical Wellbeing FREE
Psychological Wellbeing
Spiritual Wellbeing
Having (And Giving) It All: Oprah Winfrey
Oprah's Inspirational Life Story (optional)
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Thank You & Where We Go From Here...
Congratulations on Graduating!
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